Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You are at home, and there's a knock on the door. You open the door and it's the postwoman who asks you to sign a card because you have received a fine. So you invite invite her to come in because you want to understand better as you have not been convicted of anything. You are convinced it's a mistake, and explain that it is impossible since you are always very attentive to driving. The postwoman tells you that the fine is accurate and says you must pay, and asks to use the bathroom. After 5 minutes she doesn't come back, and you become suspicious. As you go to ask if everything is ok, you hear her talking on the phone with a colleague of hers and that the story of the fine is only a excuse. In reality she is there to avenge a friend enslaved by you in the past. At this point, you open the door angrily and tell the postwoman that the fine is now her responsibility and you want a explanation. The cornered postwoman admits the deception and says that she is curious to see how you work with your slaves. You accept the situation, and respond to the postwoman's challenge. With a push you throw her on the ground, as you slowly lower your underwear and say this is how I treat my slaves. She asks you if she can put her face in your beautiful ass and you agree. However, you tell her you have a better way . You then tell her to lay her on the floor, then quickly begin to completely smother her as you give her a airtight facesitting. You also use your belt to make sure her face is tight in your ass, she is completely helpless and there is no escape as you continue to enjoy making her pay for her pervy mail call...