Mistress Gaia

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ENGLISH SPEAKING CUSTOM REQUEST - Slave is in cage waiting for mistress to arrive. As mistress approaches, she tells slave that she's going to enjoy a surprise. Mistress lets the slave out of the cage, then tells her to kneel on the floor. With her dress then pulled up over her waist, slaves hands and feet are then tightly bound together. This keeps her in the vulnerable position with her ass fully exposed, and she can't escape. Mistress begins to tickle slave. first on her body, then on her feet. As the slave begins to get excited with laughter, mistress then tells her she's going to really enjoy herself as she brings out a feather... Using the feather, mistress begins to tickle the feet and pussy of her slave. It's not too long before her bitch is squealing, as mistress continues using the feather on her pussy. It's time to really make her suffer, as she then gets a little paint brush and begins to tickle her clit. The slave can hardly endure the sensation of pleasure and pain, and without any warning relieves herself and pee's onto the floor. What a filthy little slut!! Before leaving, mistress tells her slave that she must now lick up all her pee from the floor. Late when she returns, her slave will have to endure part two of her Peehole Torture...