Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST- I love being smothered by facesitting. Also, I enjoy stinky pantyhose footjob. The scenario is a captured spy. The spy's name is Liu Jian, it's my true name. You and your friend dress up sexy capture and smother the spy under your sexy ass, naked and in pantyhose.You will assassinate him by sitting on him very hard with your ass. Humiliating him by dirty talking about the piece of shit hat he is, and he thinks that you will only sit on him. However, you will make him smell your ass and he will try to escape but you will not let him go. You could gag his mouth with your stinky pantyhose and pants! Also, block him by trapping his body and head with your dirty pantyhose. You make sure that he stays under you and suffer as he deserves. You will start to fart and facesit on him again and again. He's suffocating and you make him smell your farting ass. During his punishment you speak with intensive and dirty verbal domination. For example: Smell it, smell my asshole, can't move your face, you are not going anywhere!!