Mistress Gaia

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As per my instructions, my little worm has managed to clean all of @DungeonRoma. He's been quite a good slave. I ordered him to kneel at the foot of my throne and receive his reward. I allow him to kiss my beautiful shoes. He thinks that he's done everything I ordered him to do. However, I'm not completely satisfied with my worm and I'm going to teach him a little lesson. After he's worshiped my shoes, I get him to stand with his legs wide apart. His hanging fruit is completely at my mercy, and I'm going to make it my target as I quickly begin to give his balls a good kicking. He seems to be able to withstand quite a bit of pain, that's good as I firmly put him down on the floor with a nice clapper. I order him to remove my stiletto's and then resume his standing position with his legs apart. Once again I begin to give him another doze of punishing ballbusting. He squeals in agony as I drive my feet hard into his cock and balls. What a wimp!! After some pulverizing kicks he once again is on his knees on the floor. I order him to kiss my beautiful feet before standing on his neck with my victory pose. It's bee great fun, and I know my little worm has enjoyed his painful reward...