Mistress Gaia

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I have my bitch of slave at the foot of my throne, his arms a bound and his balls are tightly jammed in the cock table. I am going to see how long he can last with some ball abuse. I have various ways that I can make him suffer. I begin with my beautiful stiletto heels as I tease and torment him. Then I get some cord and tie it really tight around his balls. As I pull it tighter and tighter my bitch squeals for mercy. Not today... I continue to pleasure myself as I squeeze his nuts like grapes between my fingers, and allow him to feel the painful sharpness as I dig my beautiful long nails into his balls. There's no escape for him as I continue to enjoy making him suffer, tugging on the cord to tighten and stretch his balls. As his squeals get louder, I place my hand over his mouth to shut him up. his muffled gasps are futile as I screw, and twist his ball more and more. Finally, with the cord tightly tied to his balls and fully stretched, I leave him to suffer. He will remain like that until I decide to return and administer some more PAIN...
Tags: Ball Abuse, CBT