Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Unsatisfied with the last slave’s performance and how he only lasted a few seconds between your perfect legs. You have another leg slave chained up against the wall ready for you to play with. You approach the slave with a bottle of oil in hand and you taunt and ask the slave what he thinks is about to happen. You begin to oil up your perfect legs making sure every part is well coated while you remind the slave of what's to come. Your perfect legs and their cock are about to have lots of fun over the next little while. You continue to oil your legs while lightly brushing them against the slaves cock as you pose and bend over to tease him and truly show those legs off. With the slave aching with excitement you tease him further by now grinding your legs against his cock. You ask if this is good enough for him... obviously not. You tell him you know exactly what he wants. You proceed to place his cock in between your legs and you allow him to slowly fuck your legs as you gradually squeeze your legs harder around his cock. Then you abruptly let go of his cock and you remind the slave that he better be able to control his excitement and not cum without her permission or else there will be a price to pay. However if he is able to last all the way, he just might get a nice reward. You then place his cock back in between your legs and grant him permission to fuck away. All throughout you tease and taunt him by switching the pace between fast and slow to truly bring him to the edge. When the slave survives to the end, you reward him by releasing him from his chains and allowing him to feel your ass and legs as he fucks your legs during the countdown until he cums all over your legs...