Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You are dressed as a nurse in a white coat, shiny stockings and the inevitable white shiny ballerinas. Transparent latex gloves emerge from the pockets of the white coat. You wait for your patient to arrive for a weekly sperm extraction. He shows up and you ask him if he knows the milking with rubber gloves, he replies embarrassed "it turns me on a lot", you make him smell the gloves that in the meantime you have slipped out of your pocket, but not before you have turned them up to get the part smooth on the outside, put them in his mouth to make him taste the rubber. Shortly after you slip on the rubber gloves you pinch the edge several times to make sure they are well inserted. You then ask him how long it's been since he has cum. He feels embarrassed but answers "about a week". You tell him to take off his clothes so your able to examine his cock and balls. You slap his cock many times and it slowly becomes hard. Finally you tell him that actually he is ready to be milked. You tell him to get into the gynecological chair for an examination and complete extraction of the sperm from his testicles. You ask him if he likes the gloves you wear, you let him sniff and lick them and you even rub your fabulous legs sheathed in shiny stockings on his erect cock. He remains shaken because he knows the effect that the transparent rubber gloves have on his cock. Still with the gloves on, you tie his balls with a hold-up stocking to keep them well separated and you also tell him that you have to put on thicker gloves for guarantee a deep milking. At this point you remove your transparent gloves and place them on his chest. At this point the patient understands that you are determined to milk him to the last drop of sperm. You take long black rubber gloves out of the study locker, you show them to him well, making him smell and lick them. Then you slip them on slowly and pinch the edge several times to make sure they are well inserted over your fingers. You now take his cock in your gloved hands, squeeze it and then start to milk it. You then place a transparent glove over his cock like a condom making him cum into your latex glove. You continue milking him until he's finished. You check your gloves and find his sperm accumulated in the fingers. After his successful milking, you leave and tell him to get dressed...