Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Recently, on Mach 17, you posted a clip called "FLOGGED BOOTLICKER". This is perhaps the most exiting costume I have seen you wear since purchasing your clips as it falls precisely in what I dream of when looking at a beautiful Mistress. Short leather jacket and leather gloves, sun glasses and leopard print spandex leggings, and those awesome thigh high boots......wow, cannot get this picture out of my mind. I very much would love to request a custom clip with you wearing this exact outfit.Your slave is bound on the floor, lying on his back with only a leather mask (so you do not have to suffer looking at his ugly face). His C&B are showing through the table you will ultimately stand on. You enter the room wearing the awesome outfit described above. You prance around your prey for a bit contemplating what you are about to do to him. You then drop some grapes or similar fruit around the area where his head is, simulating his balls. You then violently stomp and crush the fruit telling him that is what you will be doing to his C&B. You then step onto his chest facing and make him lick the bottom of your boots driving the heel down his throat. Turning around on his chest, you then step onto the C&B table and proceed to torture his C&B to your liking. After a while, with your boots and glove, you bring him to a ruined orgasm spilling his filthy spunk onto the table. You then stomp out his spunk, step off the table and walk towards his face, put down some food that you crush mixed with his filth, again make him lick the bottom of your boots clean and walk out to the party you were heading out to with a big smile one your face...