Mistress Gaia

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Here @DungeonRoma I take the discipline of my slaves extremely seriously. I am constantly looking to make sure they understand all my commands and obey me without question. Today, I am assisted by my beautiful mistress friend, and we are going to test our slaves to see if they can respond favorably to our commands. The scene is equestrian, and we are going to use our bitches as our ponyboys. Complete with bits in their mouths and and saddled up, we order them to take up their positions. Of course, we both have our strong leather riding crops at hand in case they require extra encouragement. We begin riding our ponies around and they have to keep a good posture. It's not a race, and more about them listening and working hard. As they receive different instructions, and encouragement from our whips, they have to respond with a loud neigh in delight. My pony has a nice tail, and he must show me he can shake it regularly as he circles my feet. We continue with different orders and positions, and it's been a great session for our ponyboys. They have worked quite well and we finally put them back in their cage. However, they will require some more training before they understand the true meaning of obedience...