Mistress Gaia

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You come back shopping in your Dr Martin, the slave girl kneeling at the door waiting for you. She has no clothes. Your socks are really smelly and very dirty. The feet were also very smelly and gave out a lot of sweat. You put a chain around her neck. You ride her to the sofa. You order her to take off your shoes and socks. Put your underpants over her head. Put Dr. Martin on her back, put the socks on her head and whip her twenty times. If Dr. Martin falls or socks falls, you will kick her pussy 30 times as a punishment and start again until she succeeds. You ordered her to bring the footstool, and you put your feet on it. You will train her to be a perfect foot slave, and if she does something badly or you are unhappy, you will use your foot slap her face hard. You let her open her mouth and put all your toes in her mouth, and must make sure all your toes are in her mouth for a minute. You ordered her suck each of your toes ten times very hard, and she makes a sound every time. Next you order her to stick her tongue to the maximum and not go back without your permission. If the tongue goes back, she will be punished. You order her to clean the soles of your feet with her tongue (like the 24-second video below). You rub your feet hard against her tongue (like the 51-second video below). First one foot, then the two feet, like running over her tongue (like the 7-second video below). Then she was ordered to place her tongue between each toe and clean it, repeat twice. You check your feet and make sure they are very clean. If not clean, order her to keep cleaning. When the cleanup is over, your feet should be as clean as if they were washed. Her tongue could go back. You ordered her to take the footstool away, let her kneel in front of you. You put your socks in her mouth and tell her to clean them up. You order her hold your feet to make sure you don't feel tired, massage your feet with her breasts to relax (five minutes).During the massage, you play her breasts and tear her nipples with your toes. Even more eager, you even play her breasts as a football. After the massage, you check to see if the socks are clean. You don't think she did a good job. You slapped her face 20 times with your hand and 20 times with your foot as punishment. And put socks in her pussy. Then you order her to kneel in front of you, you smoke a cigarette and use her as an ashtray. You always tearing her nipples with your toes while you smoked. Then your boyfriend calls and asks you out to dinner. You told him on the phone what your slave girl did for you. She has no freedom. She has no life. She works for you and made a very humiliating gesture to her, to take pictures. When you finish your cigarette, let her stick out her tongue, put out the smoke on it, and order her eat it. Next, you take off the chain. You ordered her to kneel down in front of the mirror. Treat her as a lifeless tool and use her as chair. You sit on her neck with your foot on her hand. You dress yourself up and take pictures with her and shame her. Then tell her, you go to a date and ask her to clean the room. In the evening, you come back with your boyfriend to use her together…