Mistress Gaia

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I ordered my slave to clean all my boots. I arrived at the dungeon and found him messing around with clingfilm. On examining my boots I could see he hadn't even bothered to clean them. I asked him why and he lied to me and said he had finished. Since he had clingfilm in his hand, I thought I would teach him a lesson. He's going to be my little worm for a few hours, and use his tongue to clean my boots. I completely bind his whole body tightly with several layers of clingfilm, then finish him off with more tight layers of pvc tape. My bitch is now completely helpless. As he helplessly struggles to move, I order him to lick my boots. He must follow me and make sure he keeps up. I have my flogger at hand to give him some incentive. He will be whipped harder and harder if he doesn't obey my instructions. As he wriggles and rolls, I have to beat him more and more. I then put him in a tight collar and leash, and give him a good tugging to keep him in line. I know he's getting extremely hot, and I enjoy seeing him suffer. My bitch must learn his lesson, and for the rest of the day, I'm going to leave my little worm on the floor to struggle and squirm until I return...