Mistress Gaia

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Very famous and rich Mistress Gaia. You’re sitting on the chair with your oily sexy beautiful long legs crossed. The weather is very hot, and your wearing only a bra and mini skirt along with your designer sunglasses, and your very tall high heeled shoes. Your reading book while smoking. One little man comes very near to you and suddenly bows down and starts sniffing and kissing your feet. He is a beggar from the street, and is desperate to get some money from you. Telling you “please Mistress Gaia you’re very rich, please give me some money, I’m begging you.” You look down at him but you didn’t care as you completely ignore him while he sniffs and kisses of your beautiful feet. After a short time, you look at him and order him to get up saying, you little poor man. Do you really need some money? He answers, yes please please please Mistress, I’m very hungry please help me. Ok little man I will play a game with you, if you win you get the money. Do you understand. He says, yes Mistress, I'll do anything to get some money. As you get up from the chair, looking down on the poor little man with your tall superior status, he looks like a bug next to you. He is very embarrassed and afraid of you, and keeps his head down. You start to tease and taunt him with some abusing words. After that you decide to start the game, and your take some money and show it to him. You hold it high where he can't reach it, telling him that if he can jump up and catch it he can keep it. Of course he is so small he can't reach the money. After some futile attempts, you decide to give him another chance. He must reach up and kiss your armpits, if he can do this he will get the money. After some lazy attempts at trying, you tell him he's not trying hard enough, and give him a couple of slaps. Eventually you tell him he's too short, he's failed your challenge and there's no money for him. As you turn your back he tries to steal the money. However, you catch him. He's now going to be punished, and you coerce him to the floor and hold his head under your shoes making him suffer...