Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Mistress you are going on vacation with your luggage slave because you need someone to serve you while on holiday. You arrive at the hotel and then you took your slave out of the luggage. The clip starts with you sitting on the chair and telling him “come very near to me luggage slave” than you stand up Mistress. After that you start to humiliate him, he looks very very small next to you even much smaller than before. You toying with him for a couple of minutes, and with your incredible height, show him who is the boss. You also laugh at him, tease and taunt him in a bad way Mistress. Standing in front of him with a confident and dominant stance, while he’s in submissive stance. He is really afraid of you Mistress, because his full height almost only your hip level. After a couple minutes, you decided to go to the pool and you need some oil to rub on your perfect legs and butt. You order little slave to rub some oil to your legs and your butt. While you laugh at him, you tell him that he is the perfect height to rub oil to your butt. After that you begin wondering how tall are in your heels? You give him a tape measure to measure your height, he tries but he can’t measure you because he’s very small. You laugh at him again, telling him that maybe you should find another slave instead of him. Saying “you can't even measure my height you stupid little slave” Suddenly he starts to cry because he’s nothing without you Mistress. You give him a ultimatum to stay with you. If he can reach and kiss of your armpits he will stay with you. If not, you will send him to the streets again. Of course he failed! But you decided to give him one last chance, and telling him “jump slave and try to reach my height” he jumps many times but no way... He understands that he'll never able to do that and he starts to cry again. Finally you tell him “ok enough stop crying and get on the chair to measure my height. Once more, he can’t even reach your height. However, after a few tries, he manages to measured your height. You tell him “Now get down off the chair and come very near to me” You stand in front of him and looking down at him with a dominant stance and say to him “ I’m going to decide your future, but for now you will come with me so go get my beach bag and follow me Hobbit"...