Mistress Gaia

Video-Length: 15m 15s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 5189 kbit/s
Video-Format: MP4
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Language: Italian


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ITALIAN SPEAKING CUSTOM REQUEST - As in the other requested videos, make a video while you are at the beautician showing the date and time. Then you arrive in your study and your slave Enea is already there waiting for you, as usual you have summoned him to honor your pedicured feet. You show the date and time again, the slave is lying at the foot of your sofa, you arrive and from standing you place your foot on his penis and you tell him that you are happy to notice that he is happy to see you. Then you sit on the sofa placing one foot on the face and one on the slave's penis and orders him to kiss your foot while you tease him with the other. You position yourself as in FAST FOOTJOB and start squeezing his penis between your toes, then loosen your grip a little and squeeze again, a few times. You tell him you have a surprise for him, but you will only reveal it to him after he ejaculates. So you start to get serious and practice the footjob. Use a provocative conversation by urging him to ejaculate for you, in order to demonstrate his complete devotion to your feet. The slave ejaculates and the time has come to reveal the surprise to the slave and you will do it during a short post ejaculatory torment telling him that your feet are so beautiful that they must be honored a second time. Again you show the date and time, the slave has returned on your order and is lying on the ground. You sit between his legs and give him the second footjob. Psychologically dominates the slave in dialogue by reminding him that among the various obligations he has towards you as a slave to the feet is that of continually taking care of your feet and that must be his only thought. Remind him that he is forbidden to ejaculate except because of your feet. Use phrases such as "Show me the love you have for my feet", "Squirt for me", "Give your sperm to your mistress's feet once again", etc After ejaculation, look straight into the camera and show off one of those incredible smiles of yours denoting all your satisfaction at having once again demonstrated the power your feet have on the slave.