Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - ROLE PLAY. The movie starts off from a pov of your step son. He is sitting down drinking a tea. As he's drinking his tea he coughs slightly. He hears something in the other room. He gets up to investigate. He walks into the other room and opens the door. He sees you. Your facing away from him, putting on your black zentai suit. You have the legs on already and you are just pulling the suit tightly over your hands. As you continue to put it on he's staring at you. After a 15-20seconds of watching you putting the suit on he says "Step mom? Is that? Why are you in my house?"You turn around slowly, your wearing your sunglasses and you smile. You tell your step son you weren't expecting him to find you while you were getting dressed. You tell him to be a good step son and help his step mommy finish putting her suit on. You turn away and take off your sunglasses. You put the hood on over your face and hair. You tell your step son to be a good boy and zip up his step mommy. He zips up your suit. As he zips up your suit he tells you that he thought you left after you dropped off the tea you made for him. He asks why you are wearing this suit. You turn around and tell him he was very helpful, as you stroke his face. You tell him you were in the area and just wanted to drop in and see how he was doing. You ask him if he drank that tea you made for him earlier today. He says yes. He begins to cough a little bit. He asks you once again why you are wearing this suit. You ask him if he's ok. He says his chest feels weird. You tell him you will help him get to the living room. You tell him to hold on to you as you walk him back to the living room. Once back in the living room he slowly collapses. You tell him to lay there like a good boy. He's looking up at you as your standing over him. You ask him if he likes your suit, as you model it for him. You tell him you bought it just for him, and just for today. You slowly come down and bring your face close to his face (camera). You tell him the best part of this suit is that you will not leave any fingerprints, not even a strand of hair, no evidence. Your step son sounds weak and says "evidence?" You giggle and say "Yes, no evidence. You see that tea i made you will accelerate your heart so much, that if you cum...you will perish from a heart attack. And you would not want your step mommy to get caught would you?" You say as you giggle. You move down and pull down his shorts to reveal his erection. You laugh and say "O my!" As you hold your hand up in front of your mouth. "Be careful step son, don't get too excited. Remember what I told you." You start giving him a handjob. You tell him things like he's such a loser, to think his dad left him all the money from the inheritance, you can't let that happen. You tell him things like doesn't he want his step mommy to have all the money? Doesn't he love his step mommy? You tell him he should know his dick is much bigger than his dad's. You laugh and tell him you had to take care of his daddy too, but you didn't think he would leave all the money to him instead of you. You tell him that the tea should make it hard for him to talk now, one of it's many effects. As your giving him a handjob and talking bad to him throughout, your phone rings. You say "I wonder who that could be. Don't go anywhere." You say and laugh. You get up and go to your purse, as your step son (POV) is watching you. You get your phone out and laugh. You tell him it's his real mom, you ask him if you should answer. You tell him to be very quiet. You sit down in front of him and start giving him a footjob as you answer the phone. You say "Hello? Yes this is Gaia, yes hello dear. No you're not disturbing me at all, I'm just at home watching a movie." Your talking to your step sons real mom, saying how it was so sad and unexpected that your step son's father passed away so suddenly. As you continue talking to her your step son starts making more noise. You tell his mom on the phone if you can place her on quick hold. You hold your finger up to your mouth and say "Shhhh" you your step son as your looking at him. You tell him to be quiet, he doesn't want his step mommy to get caught does he? You will get in trouble. You tell him if he makes more noise you will have to visit his real mommy too and take care of her as well. Your step son stops making noise. You continue giving him a footjob as you laugh and answer the phone. You tell his mom you apologize, you had to turn down the volume of the movie. You tell her your concerned about her son. You tell her since you're just his step son you feel like he doesn't talk to you about how he's feeling. You tell his mom if you can confess something to her. You tell her you've walked in on him masturbating very aggressively. You tell her you're worried you may give yourself a heart attack. You ask her if she can go to his house and talk to him whenever she gets a chance you would appreciate it. You don't want anything to happen to him. After your talking to his mom on the phone for a bit you tell her you have to go now. You hang up. You go back to giving your step son a handjob. You tell your step son to look into your eyes. You tell your step son to be a good boy and cum for his step mommy now, as your looking into the camera. You tell him not to worry, his real mommy will find him here soon enough. It will look like he masturbated himself to perish, how embarrassing. You tell him you feel his close. The camera keeps going back and forth from your hand giving him a handjob and on your face. You tell him to cum for you now. He starts cumming and you laugh. You continue to stroke his dick as he cums, constraining all the cum out. He's looking at himself cum. Then he looks at your face. You tell him he's been a very good boy. You tell him you must go now. You stand up, you tell him to enjoy the last sight of his step mommy, as he's looking at you. You turn around and walk away.