Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You come back shopping in your boots, the slave girl kneeling at the door waiting for you. She has no clothes. Your socks are really smelly and very dirty. The feet were also very smelly and gave out a lot of sweat. You take off your boots and socks. You put the belt around her neck. You put your socks in her mouth and tell her to clean them up and you'll check them later. and you come back in your pajamas. You ride her in front of the mirror, sit on her and check if the socks are clean. You'll beat her if her don't clean it up. Then put your underpants over her head make very humiliating moves, mock her, and give her some slaps. Then ride her back to the couch and you decide to play a game with her. First You spit so much in her eyes that she can't see anything. Put your underpants over her head. let her hold up your boots and tell her not to drop them. You kick her pussy twenty times and give her twenty whipping times, every time she says thank you. Then you will start over if your boots fall off. Until she challenged it successfully. Next, you have to train her as a perfect foot slave. After cleaning, your feet will feel like they've been washed, very clean. If she does not do it well, you will use foot slap her face and whip her. First you let her hold your feet so that you won't get tired. you order her to open her mouth to the maximum extent. And put all your toes in her mouth(It has to be all toes). let her tongue clear your toes in her mouth for one minute. After the cleaning, let her suck each of your toes ten times and make a sound. Then you order her to stick her tongue to the maximum and not go back without your permission. If the tongue goes back, it will be punished. You let her clean the inside of each toenail with her tongue. After that you hit her tongue with your foot and play her tongue. You rub her tongue with your feet, and your feet alternate like you run on it. Clean out the soles of the feet with her tongue. Until your feet are very clean. Then she was ordered to place her tongue between each toe and clean it ten times. Her tongue can go back. You let her wet your heels and then clean the skin with her teeth. When it's over, your feet should be as clean as if they were washed. Then massage your feet with her breasts to relax, ordering her to kneel in front of you and hold your feet around so that you won't get tired. During the massage, you play with her breasts and tear her nipples with your toes. You didn't have enough, you decided to kick her breasts like football, kick with one or both feet,fifty times! Every kick she would say thank you. Finally, you make her kneel in front of you, open mouth, put your feet on her shoulders or step on her legs. use her as an ashtray. During this time, you verbally insulted her, played with her nipples with your foot, took pictures of her, and even kicked her. After that you use her as a footstool, order her to clean your boots. Then your boyfriend calls and asks you out to dinner. You told him on the phone what your slave girl did for you. She has no freedom. She has no life. She works for you. You sometimes make very humiliating moves, mock her. You sometimes check that the boots are clean, and if you're not satisfied, you slap her in the face. Until the boots are very clean. You ride her to the bathroom, have her kneel down in front of you as a footstool, and when you're done, you shove paper in her mouth, tell her you're getting dressed for a date, tell her to wait and use her when the date comes back.