Mistress Gaia

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Today @DungeonRoma your in for a treat. I'm wearing a beautiful leather outfit, with a pair of designer leather boots. I also have my luck slut of a slave ready to perform for me. He has a heavy iron collar padlocked around his neck. I also have his balls tightly bound, and have attached a leash. When I want him to do anything, I just give a severe tug on his leash. I so enjoy seeing the pain in his face as he lets out a yelp as his balls are pulled tighter. I lead him to the foot of my throne, and have him on his knees. He's going to have the luxury of licking my beautiful boots. If he performs well I may reward him. We begin with him licking my soft leather boots, before moving onto the soles. I give his balls a few tugs on the leash, I so enjoy making my bitch suffer. As we progress with his licking, I notice he has quite a throbber, I tease him by placing it in between my leather boots and he begins to whine like a little puppy. I tell him I have decided to reward him with a footjob. However, he can only cum when I give him permission. As I continue to message his throbber, I know he's getting desperate and I tell him he can cum. The filthy bitch squirts his mess over my beautiful boots. He now has to use his tongue and lick them clean, what a luxury for my leather licker...