Mistress Gaia

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There's no better way to enjoy inflicting pain than with a sensual touch. It's about the psychology of the moment. I have great expertise in this method of making you suffer. Today @DungeonRoma I have my bitch of a slave with his arms bound, and raised with the suspension cable. His cock and balls are pulled tightly underneath his ass, and very tightly clamped with a ball clamp. To make sure they remain in view, I have bound his legs together. I so enjoy seeing his balls turning purple as he squirms in agony, and I haven't even started with my bitch yet. He's already making some noise, so I fasten a ballgag in his mouth to shut him up. His muffled sounds are not so annoying. With my long nails, I begin with some gentle touches to his back and ask him if he's comfortable. Of course he is... As I select my favourite leather tawse whip, my bitch begins to struggle in anticipation of what's coming. With a quick stinging lash, I tell him it's useless to struggle and there's no escape. Then I continue with his whipping, moving around him letting his body feel the pain from my lashes. As he continues to struggle, his balls are gripped tighter and tighter by the clamp. I have to laugh as he swings on his toes trying to escape my painful lashes. Not today... My bitch is going to continue to suffer from the sensual and painful pleasure, of my leather and lace...