Mistress Gaia

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I have this patient in the medical clinic for observation. He is always complaining, and making noises about his conditions. I decided it's time to put things right for him. With him in his wheelchair and half asleep, I quickly bound his wrists and legs. As he began to struggle, I made his bondage complete by tightly wrapping him in clingfilm, then I added some pvc tape to make sure he can't escape. What a neat package, my bitch and his wheelchair are now one. As he struggles I wheel him into the medical unit where I'm going to enjoy making him suffer. As I pull on a beautiful pair of latex gloves, my bitch begins to squirm in his chair. The crackling sound of the latex is so sensual as I pull them tight over my hands and wrists. I walk behind my slut and quickly place my latex hands over his face and mouth, his desperate gasps for air are music to my ears. He struggles to breathe, and I allow him some air, only to quickly stifle it out again with some more hand over mouth smother. I then place my favourite latex sheet and a plastic on the knees of my slut. I can see the fear in his eyes, and I once again place my hands tightly over mouth making his eyes bulge as he desperately sucks for air. I have all day to enjoy pleasuring myself, and leave my bitch bound in his chair to struggle in his clingfilm bondage. I will return later to increase the intensity of his latex therapy...