Mistress Gaia

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My bitch has not been washing regurlarly enough for me. I told him to go and have a shower. Instesd he went to the shop for something he thought was more important. So I decided to shower him myself. However, it's not quite what he expected. He's going to suffer a lot in the process of becoming clean. I placed him in the latex body bag and sat him on a chair in the shower. He's going to be punished for dosobeying me. After zipping the body bag nice and tight, we are ready to begin. As he struggles, I tell him I'm going to make him suffer. I begin with some HOM smother, this is always a good way to get my slave to be compliant. As I turn on the water he feels the cold against the latex bodybag as it tightens around him. He begins to struggle, but there is no escape from what I have in mind for my bitch. While the water gets into his eyes and mouth, I continue to smother him with my hands. It's so good to see him choking for air. I want to make sure he suffers for his disobedience. So I bring in one of my favourite toys. My latex sheet. He sees this and quickly panics, struggling furiously inside the bodybag. Of course there no escape. I place the latex over his head and allow the water to give it a good soaking. As it gets wet I pull it tightly around his head and face. I pull it so tight, it becomes like a second skin. I'm having so much fun looking at his face, as he helplessly tries to breath through the airtight latex. What a rush... As I need to go shopping. I finally decide to leave him in the cold shower to struggle with the latex loosly over his head and slowly suffer his fate
Tags: Smother