Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You play a girl who has been molested many times in her life and has now reached her limit and wants to eliminate all the men who bother her. During a night out in a club you were harassed for the umpteenth time and you took your victim to your lair to pursue your revenge. You have drugged him and he is now tied to the bed, one limb in each corner of the bed, so that she is completely in your power. He is also gagged (perhaps with socks) to prevent him from asking for help. She wakes up and you are there, between her legs and you are wearing sexy underwear. He tries to say something, but fails due to gagging. So you explain to him how things are by telling him your story but that you will still leave him the opportunity to save himself. You explain to him that you are about to masturbate him with your feet and that to save his life he will only need to not ejaculate, otherwise he will meet the most pleasant end he can imagine. At this point you start masturbating him with your feet (not essential, but I would appreciate if the slave had a limp penis at the start) using sexy language aimed at achieving your goal. After the victim ejaculates you torment him "How does it feel to know that the last orgasm of your life was not caused by a pussy?" The victim complains about the torment and you laughing: "I don't want it to be pleasant, you had your chance but you didn't take advantage of it, now it's my turn to have fun, and I enjoy slaughtering your cock after you cum, transforming the pleasure in intense pain " You keep masturbating him hard and then you tell him how her life will end "Since you love her so much, my pussy will end your useless life" and laugh. You take the gag off him, he tries to say something, but he fails because you take and sit on his face (facesitting both from the shoulders and front), from time to time you allow him to take a breath, because you want to enjoy this moment until the end and feel your victim's energies gradually diminish. The victim then stops moving and your goal is achieved. Finally you pick up your phone and take a selfie with the victim "Another one for my collection" and walk away laughing.