Mistress Gaia

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Once again I have my slave in the medical clinic. He's still complaining that he has something wrong with his breathing. Well... Last time I needed him to try and hold his breath for me to see if I could find anything wrong with his breathing. Today I'm going to examine him with a little more intensity... It should be fun as I'm in a very sadistic mood. Of course I have him bound hand and foot, so he can't escape. He is also wearing a tight hood, I'm sure he will be more than a little uncomfortable. However, not as much as he's going to be. I quickly begin his examination by introducing my favourite latex sheet. I know he understands what's coming as I throw it over his face and head. As it sits loose over his face he's already in trouble, as he tries to breathe and the latex sticks to his face. He struggles to free his tightly bound hands, and I have to laugh at his futile attempts to escape. As I kneel over him I quickly pull my latex tightly over his face until it becomes a second skin. My bitch makes some helpless gasps as he tries to breathe. However, I only pull it tighter. He is completely under my control, and can only receive precious air if I allow it.

As we continue, I let him get some air to see if there is anything wrong with his breathing. There doesn't seem to be a problem. Not yet... I put my latex aside, and decide to continue with another one of my suffocation favourites. Clingfilm, it is also so unforgiving, and as I show it to my breathless slave I can see the panic in his eyes. No time to waste as I quickly wrap it tightly over his face and head. He helplessly sucks for air, and I watch as his eyes begin to bulge. What a great way to relax... After a while, I decide to give my bitch the ultimate test. I remove my latex gloves and stuff them into his mouth until he chokes. I then wrap my clingfilm tightly around his face and head. It's a beautiful sight so see as he desperately squirms and struggles. Now my bitch really does have a breathing problem. I'm going to leave him there to suffer until his last gasp...