Mistress Gaia

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ITALIAN SPEAKING CUSTOM REQUEST - Gaia is a slayer, the most popular among the female slayers in circulation, highly sought after because with her experience and meticulousness she always manages to eliminate the target without leaving any evidence. None of his murders have ever been discovered, each victim filed as a natural passing. He has studied the dossier of the next case in great detail, and has noticed from some of his analyzes that he has a small heart defect that he probably is not aware of either. He decides that giving him a heart attack will be the way to get his job done, the coroner will notice that anomaly in his heart and file the case. Gaia decides to wear a sexy doctor's outfit to start wearing down the victim just visually. He has tied him to a column in such a way that he cannot move and that he is constrained to undergo everything he has in store for him. Start by giving him one of her legjobs. The victim can only abandon himself to his will until he can no longer hold back, until he comes. I like it when he performs the legjob with his back to the slave, if he can perform it more in that position as well as the coming. Once finished she will look at him, snort, and tell him ... see you later, you are still too colorful for my taste. So he'll come back ... and this time she'll practice a handjob. I like it when she gets down on her knees and the camera frames her in the foreground. I also like it when, once the slave comes, he continues to squeeze him to the last drop. When finished she will look at him and smile ... I already see you a little more pale ... I will come back later to finish the job ... and she will laugh as she walks away. She enters the scene again with a chair, puts it next to the victim and gives him a footjob. The victim will try to resist as much as possible, he senses that something is wrong and that this will be his last orgasm. However, Gaia's feet are irresistible and in the end the victim will no longer be able to oppose. Gaia notices that she practically made it, but to be on the safe side she continues to saw the victim until she is sure of the success of her mission. She will stand up, look at him and say "Despite everything a tough guy, but you met the wrong person", laugh and leave him there.