Mistress Gaia

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I left my bitch of a slave in the cage over the weekend while I had fun with my boyfriend. I arrive back to check on my slave, and he has the cheek to complain. However, I'm such a good mistress and won't punish him too severely. I have brought him a little treat that he is going to enjoy. It is two condoms that I prepared especially for him, and I'm sure he will find them most appetizing. With him still in his cage, I allow him to worship my beautiful boots before letting him out. I tell him he's in for a little treat as I open the door and get him to crawl out and kneel at the foot of my throne. His tiny cock is padlocked in chastity, and I laugh at how small it is as I remove the padlock. With him on his knees and wondering what I have as his surprise, I bring out the used condoms from a bag and tell him he's going to enjoy a little appetizer. Ordering my slut to open his mouth, I get him to swallow the contents of the condom, making sure he swallows it all. I don't want to hear his gargling, so I stuff the condom into his mouth and tell him to keep it there until I remove it. I then allow him to touch my boots with his tiny cock, as I know this gets him excited. After a few minutes of jerking himself off, he squirts his mess all over my beautiful boots. What a slut... He's going to have to clean them. However, before he starts I have another used condom, and I squeeze the contents onto my boots and order my bitch to get licking. To finish off, I remove my boots and order him to make sure they a spotlessly clean on my return. What a lucky slut to be allowed to luxury of being able to enjoy the taste of my Juicy Boots...