Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Everything will be same with the previous custom clip. This will be like a continuation of the previous one. Clip starts with you calling your little luggage slave “come very near to me hobbit, I have good news for you” his face very close to your legs with his hand behind his back (stance of maid) Then you tell him that you have decided to not fire him. Also to not send him to the streets again because he is a very weak and won’t survive out there. However, you tell him “first you must beg me for it! Tell me how you need me! Tell me you’re nothing without me! Tell me how poor and weak you’re and how strong I am! Cry you little bitch cry and beg for it”

He’s begging and crying for it Mistress. Than you say, “ok enough stop crying, I have decided to make you my little sissy maid from now on” Firstly you order him to wear his maid dress and he puts on the dress. After that you order him to get your phone and bring it to you. He brings your phone. Than you tell him “don’t go anywhere stay next to me, in case I may order you to do something or give you some duties” He’s standing very closely near you (his body almost stick to your body and his face looking down as always) So I’m pretty sure that his full height can only reach your hip level Mistress :) Anyway you phone your friend and start to talking with her while he standing under your armpit level! You’re telling your friend something about the little slave, for example how many times you beat him up, how much your stronger than him. How weak he is, how much he is afraid of you, and what a crying little bitch he is. Today what you did to him and turned him into your sissy maid, and how you have plans for him. As your planing to fuck him etc… He standing like a weak little bitch next to you, like a hobbit. *Sometimes you turning your butt into his face while you’re talking to your friend and he is trying to sniff your perfect butt. I think his head probably comes right to your butt level. You also tell her that your only giving your little slave left-overs of your food, as he is little and he doesn’t need much to eat. You also tell her “I’m giving my pups much more and expensive foods than him ahahahaha” Suddenly he puts his face into your ass and starts crying again, but you ignore him and continue to chatting with your friend about your high society life!

All Your plans, cars, houses, accessories, vacations etc. At the end of the video you tell her” I want to show you this weak sissy bitch. So I’m calling you on video chat. Then you call her with video, talking and showing her how little he is! Your friend starts laughing at him, and you too while he is crying. You take some selfie photo with him Mistress. Finally you tell him “ raise your head off from the ground you weak sissy bitch and say hello to my beautiful friend. Then go and clean my bedroom you little bitch” Then you tell your friend, “ I’m planning to beat him than fuck him tonight ahahaha”