Mistress Gaia

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Imagine... You are in my dungeon and I decide to do with you as I please. There are many ways I have to make you compliant, and I have a great selection of toys that I can use to make you suffer for me. I know you have a smoking fetish, and I am going to make you my prisoner to allow you the privilege of sharing a cigarette with me. You will undergo some training, and must do as I tell you. Firstly, you will be hooded, then you will lie down at the foot of my throne and be tightly bound in leather straps and chains. The bondage position I put you in will be most uncomfortable, I like it that way and will leave you to you struggle and squirm while waiting for me to return. I'm going to relax on my throne and enjoy a cigarette, while you will be my footstool and my human ashtray. As I light my cigarette, you must lick my shoes with your tongue and clean them. You must also keep that mouth of yours open nice and wide, as I use it as my ashtray. Swallow and enjoy all my ash, as I flick it into your mouth while also making you choke on my spit. You must pleasure me, as it's not every day you will be allowed the opportunity to enjoy your smoking fetish as the human ashtray prisoner of beautiful Mistress Gaia...