Mistress Gaia

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Today I was out shopping, now that I'm back I'm going to relax with a cigarette. I have had a slave tightly bound in a hogtie all morning. It's amusing to see how much he's managed to squirm all over the place. I should have put a brush up his ass and he could have cleaned the floor. However, I have ordered him to wriggle to the bottom of my throne and wait for me. I arrive and he's still squirming, what a good slave. I tell him I'm going to give him a little treat. He's going to enjoy licking my beautiful shoes. However, not just yet I want to see him suffer a little linger. As I light my cigarette, I order my bitch to get closer to my throne where I can reach him. As he struggles and squirms to get closer, I can see he's drooling for me through his tight ballgag. I move to the foot of my throne and use his head as a footstool to rest my feet. He won't stay at peace, and I think I might make him suffer a little longer. As he continues to struggle in his hogtie, I remove his ballgag and tell him to begin licking my shoes. He's not making a very good job, and I give him some incentive by digging my stiletto heels into him. As I finally finish my cigarette, my slut seem to be getting weaker by the minute. What a pity, I have a nice whip to hand as I expected a bit more from my little hogtied pet...