Mistress Gaia

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Language: Italian


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CUSTOM REQUEST - In this custom request video I play the role of the mother of an undisciplined son. I'm at home and talking on my phone with a friend, telling her about all troubles that my dissolute son is causing to me. My friend suggests to me that I should be more severe, and use strict discipline with him. I’m getting very angry because it’s really late and he’s not come home yet. Finally he arrives and knocks on the door. I let him in and ask him where he has been, he answers that he went to play football with his friends. This makes me furious: He has been out the whole day and comes back home late in the evening without studying. I give him some slaps on the face, and make him kneel down on the sofa.

Then I lower his pants and start to slap his ass. He begs me to stop, but this time I will teach him a good lesson. I slap him so hard until his ass starts to become red. Once again, he begs me and promises that he will be a good boy and will study. However, I'm not in the mood to be indulgent with him, I continue to slap him hard until he cries. Then I forbid him to go out with friends, or to use the playstation. Finally I order him to go into his room and start to study. Later I go into his room and I discover that, instead of studying, he’s chatting with a friend on his mobile phone. This drives me crazy, I take his mobile phone off him and faceslap him very hard. Then I pull him by the ear, and take him out for a more severe punishment...