Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You come back from a business meeting. You are sitting down to rest, drinking coffee or smoking and checking a mobile phone with your beautiful legs crossed over. You are very tired and a little nervous. Suddenly a man arrives and tells you he is looking for Mistress Gaia. You reply to him "it's me" and he tells you that he is a bodyguard and: "If you want to protect your place, I can keep you safe 7/24 Mistress Gaia". She looks at him and says: "You are joke you fucking little weak bitch" (she speaks to him abruptly because she is very tired and nervous after the work meeting). Then she gets up, goes over to him and tells him that she could easily beat him up. He is amazed by her height, and says "Mistress please give me the most humbling lesson of my life. First she tells him that if he manages to get there and kiss her armpits she will give him the job. He tries desperately, but still can't reach your armpits. You give him some incentive with some slapping, and spitting in his face. However, He is very sorry because he can't reach your armpits because he desperately needs that job. You are aware of his despair and begin to provoke him even more. Finally, sitting back down with your legs crossed, you order him to kiss your beautiful feet and tell him to apoligise for bothering you. He obediently kisses your feet as he apologizes. He then begins to beg you to be your slave. But you reply that instead he will become your little pet, and be locked in a in a cage until you need him...