Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress sitting lying on a sofa in a house suit while reading a book, the naked slave in chastity listlessly sniffs your farts through your pants. She notices that something is wrong, and points out that he should give anything to smell her aroma, and asks him what is wrong. He complains of the very long period of chastity that he is getting worried, and would like to be released. Mistress points out that she knew what he was facing and tries to dissuade him ... but if he really wants to be released he will have to show up for a session " in the dark "without knowing what awaits him and without a safe word. The desperate slave accepts.

The day of the session she welcomes him in lingerie, ruthlessly makes him undress quickly, puts him on a leash and immobilizes him, and anticipates what is about to happen ... In silence without being seen arrives at the slave's shoulders a bull of a master. Without speaking, he mercilessly ass fucks him while the slave looks at her, and begs for mercy. She looks back, laughing and humiliating him. The bull should then finish fucking in the slave's mouth so that he has to swallow all his cum. While she unties the slave the bull always silently pays her for the performance and leaves. The slave can finally masturbate while she makes him sniff her pussy, but she categorically denies him any contact, and points out that he has become her slut. While the slave comes she pisses on him. Finally, after washing Mistress puts the slave back in chastity and orders him back to his cage…