Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You come back at home with casual clothes and sport shoes. Your female slave here waiting for you to arrive. She has her hands tied behind her back. You sit on your sofa, and she's in front off you, on her knees. She takes off your shoes and your socks. The socks are very stinky, and you laugh.. Today, she will be your little washer, so you put your socks in her mouth with soap on it, and you put some tape over her mouth and all around her head so it's tightly closed. You sit on the sofa and laugh at her situation. The slave is very disgusted, she has a hard moment. You are not satisfied with her so you decide to put a clothespin on her nose. In amusement you watch her suffer as she gasps for breathe. Of course, she 's not capable to do anything because she has her hand tied behind her back. She has to implore you to take off the clothespin. From time to time you take off the clothespin to let her breathe, but it's very short. When she has her nose free, you take the opportunity to make her sniff your feet or your shoes, because she has to breathe through her nose. You speak to her like she's your washing machine and you want her to work quicker. You also let her suffer with the clothespin, and ignoring her. You let her believe that you are taking off the clothespin, and then you don't. You leave the room so she's alone and doesn't know when you are coming back to let her breathe. After a while, she is terrified and almost crying. Finally, you take your time to take off the tape, remove the socks and clothespin. However, looking at the socks you're not satisfied with the result. So you put back the tape on her mouth, and close peg on her nose. She's terrified as you look at her intensely, and laugh as you wave goodby leaving her gagging on your soapy socks...