Mistress Gaia

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Added on: 16.10.2020
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Language: Italian


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My friend Mistress and I are taking a break during an intense day of video shooting. We are sitting on the sofa and with us there is a slave lying on the ground like a doormat. During this break we will have fun with him by practicing an extreme footgagging treatment. The jerk is really denied with this practice, but we decided to screw his mouth with our fantastic feet. Surely this pig would prefer to lick them, but today they will only cause him suffering. The beginning is not the best, in fact, as soon as my friend puts her foot in his mouth he starts coughing. I warn him that I hate slaves who spit with the feet of a Mistress in their mouth, so it is good to be careful not to do it again. In the meantime, I enjoy torturing his useless balls and little prick. He improves a little and finally it's my turn. My friend helps me by taking his head with her feet, in this way I can sink my feet even better. Slowly we are widening his mouth, so we alternate several times to suffocate him with our feet, putting them completely up in his throat. We are destroying his mouth, in fact, several times he has retching, but we don't care, we just want him to choke with our feet in his mouth. After all, for a nobody like him, what could be better than suffering for two goddesses like us?