Mistress Gaia

Video-Length: 20m 42s
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Language: Italian


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This is a excellent footjob combination video from our combination labrary. Your Cock in my Pantyhose? Part One - I have my slave on a leash and lead him to the settee. He is going to experience the luxurious feel of my beautiful pantyhose. He has to remain still while I torment and tease him. I have my riding crop to whip him, in case he dissapoints me. I put his cock between my feet and begin to massage it. He gets very horny and wants me to make him cum. I have warned him he can't cum without my permission. I then sit on his face and get him to lick my pussy through my silky pantyhose. He also has to kiss my feet as I continue to tease him. Eventually I give him permission to cum. He quivers as my silk pantyhose feet stroke his throbbing cock. As he cums over my pantyhose, I then get him to clean my feet by licking his cum. What a filthy slut... Part Two - My slave is waiting for me to begin giving him a footjob. However, I'm not ready. So I make sure his cock is hard enough to be claspped between my silky stocking feet. As I commense touching his cock he begins to grunt like a little piggy. As I grip it more tightly with my silky feet and stroke it, he becomes more uncontrolable, and grunts even more. I'm in total control, and after tormenting him for some time. I give my slut permission to cum. What a lucky slave to have experienced the delicate silky touch of Mistress Gaia...