Mistress Gaia

Video-Length: 13m 20s
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CUSTOM REQUEST - You are looking very sexy in blue tight jeans, pointed toe stiletto boots over the jeans (like your boots in the video "ULTIMATE BOOTDOMS") and bra, holding a belt in your right hand. The male slave is naked and hanged upside down, much like in the video "CHOKE & FEEL THE RUSH", but his head closer to the ground, so his eyes lay at your boot level. You are standing in front of the slave. Slowly place your boot to your slave's face and push him a little bit. He starts swinging like a pendulum. Please use your boot to stop his movement, then push him again. While he is swinging, you brutally beat his belly with your belt, laughing sadistically while doing so. After about three minutes of beating, you leave your belt and order another slave to hold the slave's head still. Then you stick the tip of your boot into his mouth. Please harshly fuck his mouth with the tip of your boot for a couple of minutes and make sure the camera is in a close distance to the action. Then you take off your boots, revealing white socks. You pour a little water in an ashtray full of ash and cigarette butts and then place your feet in it, making your socks extremely filthy. You then place your feet into the slave's face and order him to lick your disgusting socks, while the other slave is still holding his head. His face becomes a mess and his tongue completely back. Then you shove your foot as deep as possible into his mouth. Your are laughing while hearing the gargled sound of the foot gagging and the slave is choking and gasping for air. Please continue to fuck his mouth until he pukes...