Mistress Gaia

Video-Length: 15m 56s
Video-Resolution: 1280x720 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 1994 kbit/s
Video-Format: MP4
File size: 228 MB
Language: English


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This is another great video bargain from our combination library. It's a two part double domination, footgagging & footworship video. If you enjoy footworship then this is a great choice... Part One... Myself and mistress Ezada have a slave at our mercy. As he kneels at our feet he's going to have to be very obedient. If not, he'll suffer more than he knows. He is also in chastity, and we will make sure his cock is causing him some pain. We begin by getting him to smell the inside of our shoes as they are held tightly against his face. He then has to lie down while both of us smother him with our beausiful silky feet. Then Mistress Ezada sits on his cock while I footsmother him. He has trouble breathing as both our feet are pressed tightly against his face. What a slut he is, and so fortunate to be at the mercy of such beautiful mistresses... Part Two... I'm with my friend Miss Luana and we have our slaves on the floor. We are going to make sure they have their mouths full. We begin by spitting into their mouths, making sure our sluts taste our lovely flavoured spit. There's a little whining coming from one of the slaves. So it's time to make them both suffer. I shove my foot all the way down my sluts throat, as he chokes and tries to breathe. Miss Luana also has her slave gagging for breath as her foot almost dissapears down her throat. What a great time we are having, as our sluts cough and choke for our pleasure...