Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Mistress approaches me with an annoyed air greeting me "hello brat, it's true that I left you all tied up and gagged, besides the cage obviously hahaha". "Do you know, sir, that the mistress is really annoyed to have you between the balls?" She goes on to say that she just got tired of me because I'm just a stupid spoiled pest who only knows how to whine and keeps making fun of me about it and how useless I am. "I only kept you because it made me enjoy tormenting a little brat like you but now that I've used you well I don't want to see you anymore, you're okay just tied up and gagged cute but a bit stupid, I never care about anything would you say or think ahhaah ". In all this he always remains standing (I say precise phrases but I really love his improvisation for insults and humiliations). She sees my eyes filling with tears and continues to tease me but, after a while, she bends over me and stroking my face continues in a gentler tone and showing me the key to the cage. "Yes, all these brat tears have really tired me but I will use you again ragzzino" "I still have a couple of games for you to try". Meanwhile he frees me and immediately notices my erection, after having scolded me for being an always excited little boy, he gives me a very strong kick and says that maybe she will miss me a little bit, laughing. After calling me back, in an annoyed way, to hurry to get back on my knees, she uses two methods at will for my cock, telling me that it is the torment she most prefers for a little brat given how useless it is for anything else except to make her laugh. When she gets tired "Stop whining brat you're really getting on my nerves, then I can do night torment, a part of me just wants to continue hahaha but soon they'll come to get you" "yes I thought I'd lend you to a friend of mine mistress for a little bit, she is looking for a little slut like you, cute with a willy, a little brat for her slaves "She sees me all shaking and teases me saying that I would be perfect since I liked being fucked by her last time. To scare me even more she tells me she will use me a lot and in groups and above all they will have real cocks. She tells me a little about what they could do to me and that, even if they are slaves, they are much more men than me as she sees me more and more scared. "First I make you a little slut, well you don't even have any hair you hahaha" so she puts a wig on me (if it has) and from now on I'll be Giorgia and that's it even if no one will ever use mine first name. She puts a plug in my ass giving me some spanking and taking me around my hairless little ass and what will happen to it. While she replaces my ball gag with a dildo to use as a gag, she hears my "please mistress" choked with tears. Very angry she starts squeezing my balls "brat you didn't have the slightest right to speak, I never wanted to hear your voice in any session because I don't care what you think, you do and think only what I tell you, of course "" the best you can be is a cute little ornament, you never have to say a word again "(I love it when it goes from being very angry to pretending to be sweet). While she continues to squeeze me "I should really cut that little thing so you also know that you will never lose virginity, that of the ass I have already taken it ahahaah." She continues very angry to threaten me to cut my cock when suddenly she becomes sweet and she goes back to stroking my face. "But you know how sweet I have been to you, real brat, you are really cute when you are good and good, you are really sad to have to greet your mistress, your mistress wants to say goodbye to you. I'll let you lick my little ass once more, I know how much you love it "she continues showing me and continuing to tell me how completely unwilling I am, that I would do anything for her and her little ass and how much a stupid spoiled little boy like me controls. She totally stops being sweet, she preys on me by her hair and puts her face on her little ass and orders them to lick, annoyed and angry. She teases me because I am an ass licker and that is the only thing I can do, at least with the tongue a minimum I am useful as well as telling me how to lick it best for his pleasure. For the second time without touching me and immediately kicks me. Very angry she says that she is really tired of an always horny pet as well as other thing she doesn't like about this little brat while she puts on my chastity belt. She ties me up and throws away her key, and she tells me, that if she too was so good not to cut that virgin weasel, she won't let me see it for a long time and to thank her. At this point she is very and decides to leave me and go to see her friends…