Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Wearing a chastity cage and a slutty collar, your personal slave has to take care of his household chores. Entering the room you notice that the slave smells your panties before putting them in the washing machine. Mistress gets very angry because the slave was in detention and she shouldn't have seen or smelled her intimate scent for several months. The slave realizes that he has been discovered and like a bitch that he is, tries to make himself small in a corner since he knows that he is about to suffer a terrible punishment. She grabs him and, although he tries to escape she slams him on a bench where he is bound hand and foot. She then tells him that he has a nice punishment in store but he will have to wait a little longer.

Meanwhile, with the opportunity to install a smaller chastity cage (or with thorns), she informs him that a loyal customer of hers will soon arrive, she too wears a chastity belt and she has not granted her an orgasm for a very long time. Since you have not been able to meet for a few weeks between various commitments, she will surely be dirty and smelling, maybe even hairy.

She rings the bell and goes to open the door to the slave who, being an expert, knows that she must cross the threshold on her knees and kiss your feet. You makes some chat with the slave in a very cordial tone, almost like a "friend". The slave expresses her discomfort, and for the condition of her pussy and asks her how long she must stay closed it in her belt and denied her orgasms. Mistress laughs while reassuring her that today she will have the chance to finally enjoy herself a little before undergoing another very long denial.

She orders her to follow her into the room where she tied up the slave and orders her to do a striptease right on top of him. Once she is naked of him, she orders her to suck the slave's cage while she ties her arms behind her back, and installs a dildo onto the slave's mouth. At this point she removes the chastity belt from the slave and informs her that for xx minutes (her face) she can have fun riding his face and have as many orgasms as she wants. The slave is initially disappointed, and she also apologizes to the other slave for her condition but the opportunity is unique. She knows that she must be selfish and enjoy as much as possible before she is put back in chastity. When the time is up, Mistress will take both slaves to the bathroom and the male slave will finally have to clean the others pussy before she is put back in chastity. Mistress then gives them both their final reward, a warm golden shower over their faces...