Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - I'd like to see you dressed in a light colored dressing gown and light brown transparent tights and your red terry slippers (those, for example, from the video "MISTRESS GAIA - ASS WARMING")! If possible with sunglasses instead of a mask! Ok, this is the video... you are at home cleaning and while you are dusting, your son, who is watching you, watches the scene happy, because he sees that you are wearing the tights and slippers that he likes so much! I wish you walked a bit...to hear the noise of slippers (lo sciabattare), even going to other rooms! Going to your son's room, you find some balloons to inflate, you go back to him and ask him why they are there, but he tells you that he doesn't know anything.... also because balloons are his secret, and he is very ashamed let you know!!! So you... who imagine you understand (and you know he's very afraid of fireworks), don't tell him.. but you want to have some fun and see what happens! You tell him...Do you know what your mom is doing now? Now I inflate the balloons, so we have fun! And to do that, since they're big, I'm going to get the foot pump for the dinghies to inflate them! Now mom will take care of inflating them... you know what I do? I take the pump, and inflate them! But I want them to inflate so much that... I make them pop, I make them bang!!! BOOM!!! I inflate the balloon, inflate it, inflate it and... it bursts!!! And you don't complain... I do it anyway, I like to make you cry! And if you keep complaining I'll blow you up!!! I blow you!!! (I would like you to say all this before starting, you tell him how you would do it... simulate everything, pumping with the foot pump until he bursts by crushing the floor with his slippers to scare your child for good!!!) One could just hearing the voice of the son... who is afraid, begs you not to do it, complains and cries, doesn't want you to pop the balloons, etc...!!! You tie the balloons to the pump tube with duct tape and leave them on the ground then you start to inflate and inflate them until they pop! So the balloons stay on the ground while you inflate them until they burst!!! (I like it as it is)!always saying what you do and making fun of your child!!! You inflate the first balloon... and as you inflate it you see your son who is terrified of the idea that it might burst! So you tell him...look at how he inflates his mother...now he's bursting!!! Watch out for it to explode!!! Now the explosion!!! But he is terrified of balloons that swell to bursting... and begs you (almost crying) to stop!!! Instead you, who love to scare him and make him cry, sadistic as you are, refuse, laugh a lot and continue to inflate!!! You look at your son and tell him...look now mom pops him!!! It blows it!!! In the end the ball can't take it anymore and it bursts!!! The balloon has burst!!! And laugh...Ah ah ah ah ah!!! And he cries!!! I would like to hear you talk and say what you are doing and use words like: pump, inflate, pop, bang, over inflate, BANG, BOOM!!! I ask you, please, to use the term burst not explode and balloons not balloons!! Important! I really love these words!!! ;-) Don't forget, absolutely standing... and not sitting!!! With every balloon you inflate, your child wants you to stop when it's too inflated because he's afraid it will burst... instead you have fun, and you tell him that if you inflate again, it will burst... PUM!!! Look... I inflate it, I inflate it, I inflate it... and it bursts!!! When the balloon pops, tell your child "I told you I popped it you see!" It exploded!!! It went BOOM!!! Hahahaha!!! And... other things you want to say... Do it yourself, you can say other things always about popping balloons, telling how to pop the dinghy at the sea... and.... whatever you want, I you say...I knew you loved balloons, and watching me inflate them with the pump until they burst...I knew it! But... be careful, your dick is swelling too much... if it swells again... it will burst! Boom! Hahahaha! NOW I'LL BURST YOU!!! I BLOW YOU!!! Do you like feeling that you swell up? Do you want your mom to inflate you? Watch me do it! I inflate you so much, actually too much... and I make you burst like those balloons from before! Now I'll do it, I'll inflate you with the pump until you burst, to make a bang..Boom!!! I SWELL YOU AND YOU BURST!!! Do you know what mom does? I put the pump in your ass and start pumping you like a balloon until you pop... BOOM!!!! Mommy makes you bang!!! Do you like it? You're scared aren't you? Now you see...I'll blow you up like a balloon, until you burst!!! PUMP, PUMP, PUMP AND PUM!!! INFLATE, INFLATE, INFLATE AND BURST!!! Hahahahaha!!!" "NOW I WILL INFLATE THE PIG UNTIL IT BURST!!!" You insert the tube of the pump into my ass...And you tell me, now you know that I have inserted the pump into your ass, I will inflate you so much, indeed too much...until you burst!!! While blowing me up (POV) still in my slippers, you'll say things, like, I'll blow you up like a balloon, I'll blow your belly up to bursting, and I'll make you a blowup balloon...do you know what happens to blowup balls? If one inflates them too much...They burst!!! Also I'd love to hear you say this to your son...You know a toad? You know it swells right? Think what happens if I inflate it with the pump! In your opinion? I blow it up, it blows it up, it blows it up...and then it pops BOOM!!! The toad bursts!!! And you will end up like the toad... I'll blow you up!!!!!! You'll say, important, when I'm about to burst...OH GOD NOW IT POPS, IF I STILL PUFF IT'S POPS...HELP, IT POPS...PUMPS...PUMPS...and BOOM!!!! I burst!!! (Very important, when he pops me, you must hear a bang, out of frame!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!) I RECOMMEND when you finally make your son pop (POV) inflating him too much with the pump, yes must hear the bang!!! Or pop a balloon out of frame...or add the explosion later in the editing of the video...you see!!! Then you say..."Oh God, I blew up my son!!! He had gotten too swollen... too swollen a balloon...or rather an inflated pig... I pumped him until he had a bang!!! PUM!!!My son told me...mom stop, you're inflating me too much, so you blow me up, stop, stop...and...BOOM!!!!!!!After the beautiful sentence SWELL, SWELL, IT INFLATES AND BURST!!!Making the move of pumping crushing on the ground!!!Laughing...Ahahahahah!!!