Mistress Gaia

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Once again I'm joined by a some of my beautiful mistress friends. We also have three ponies for training that we are going to put through their paces. They are going to participate in a pony race, and each mistress will choose her ponyboy. We begin by getting our ponies ready and warmed up for the race, they are a little wild and need some discipline. We have our riding crops to hand and give them some TLC whacks as they line up for the race. There will be two heats to decide the winner. Each mistress has the choice of which pony she wants to ride. We begin with all three ponies and it's a close heat. However, one of our ponyboys has to go out. He gets his ass whacked from his mistress for letting her down. I'm sure she will whip him later. Time for the next heat, and our two pony boys are in good shape. We line them up and make sure they are ready. Off they go, and and their mistresses give them a good whipping as they take them up and down. It's painful on the knees of our ponyboys, and we enjoy making them suffer. We lose another one, and the winner is full of himself giving some loud neighs as he celebrates. We then parade him in front of our loser ponies, as each mistress takes her turn on his back. It's been a great event, and our ponyboys are lucky to have had the privilege of being ponies to such beautiful Equestrian Queens...