Mistress Gaia

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Imagine... You have a smoking fetish and you want a beautiful mistress to allow you the opportunity to experience having her blow smoke in your face. First you will be hooded, and I will put you in a tight zentai suit. Then you will be tightly bound hand and foot. You can't escape and will be at my mercy. Later, I have a business meeting to go to, so I'm dressed in beautiful Italian black leather, right down to my gloves. As you struggle to get free, I sit next to you. I can see you also want to worship my Louboutin shoes, and kiss my silk stocking legs. It's such a shame, because your going to be used and abused. Today you will be my human ashtray. As I light my cigarette, you begin to squeak and moan. Not for long, I have a jennings gag that will keep that mouth of yours open nice and wide. I do hope you enjoy me blowing my smoke into your face, as you struggle to breathe with your mouth kept open and full of my ash. I so enjoy seeing you choke as I flick my ash into your mouth. It's amusing to watch you helplessly fight against my enjoyable pleasure. To help you choke a little more I also get you to swallow my spit. What a novel idea, I am having so much fun. It's too bad I don't have time to have another cigarette. I do hope you enjoyed your fetish surprise, as I leave you to struggle and choke on the cigarette butt of Mistress Gaia...