Mistress Gaia

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ITALIAN & ENGLISH SPOKEN This slave was already punished for his laziness; he swore he would have worked harder for his Mistress but, actually, his attitude didn’t improve. I only need slaves that are fully dedicated into serving me, 24 hous a day. This is definitively his ultimate chance. he is going to be severely punished again and, if I cannot see a complete change in his behavior, he will be immediately dismissed. Since he committed twice the same fault, he will get a double punishment. he will receive a double caning, by myself and my mistress friend. The slave has been tied to the wall, completely naked and with his ass well exposed. My friend and I have a cane each and start hitting him with no warm-up and with full power. Soon red stripes appears on his butt, while he is squirming and squealing like a pig. We both are having a lot of fun watching his suffering and his desperate attempts to avoid our strokes. We alternatively change sides so that not a single little area of skin can escape the tip of our canes. Now red drops fall from his ripped skin and his cries gets louder, filling the dungeon. This is a punishment that he will forever remember He will not be able to sit down for at least a week, as a constant reminder of what happens to lazy slaves