Mistress Gaia

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Language: Italian


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This is a great double whipping & caning video from our combination library. Enjoy the merciless double domination of beautiful mistresses on their slaves. Part One - Having been sitting too comfortably seated on the spanish donkey for more than half an hour, it's time to give some color to this pale worm of a slave. Lately I have neglected my floggers, so I decided that I will use them all. First of all, my little bitch will sit down on her knees and she will have to bear the whips as I ordered. Otherwise, she will have to taste them. We begin to flog our worm, taking turns to add som colour to his skin. It's not long before he begins to squeal for mercy. However, it's not going to happen. Myself and Mistress Ezada are make sure our slave experiences real pain as he begins to show some real colour. What a experience for him as we continue to make him suffer with our relentless whipping... Part Two - Me and my friend Miss Luana we will have fun with our personal slaves. We have them lined up beneath us on the floor. Their asses are going to recieve a severe caning. It's also a competition between the slaves to see who can endure the most pain. It's amusing to hear their screams, as all of them compete in their painful endurance test. Of course, losers will have to endure another round of our punishing caning...