Mistress Gaia

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Today is going to be a fun day in Dungeon Roma. I'm joined by my beautiful mistress friend, and we are going enjoy a little equestrian event. We have our ponyboy bitch strapped on the bench and we are both going to enjoy riding him. There is no saddle on our slut, so we will allow him the luxury of a bareback experience. What a fortunate little pony he is, as we begin his day. With him securely on the bench, and the bit and bridle attached, we are ready to begin. We want to get him warmed up, and tell him to give us some loud neigh's. We circle him and use our whips to good effect, as he cries out to try to please us. We are not going to let him away with anything, and we are soon on his back making him take our full weight as we whip him and ride him hard. As he continues to cry out, we laugh and whip him harder, pulling on his reigns making sure his head remains straight. Time for a change, and I dismount. While my friend continues to ride our slut, I give him some more incentive as I use my crop on his ass and balls. It's like a day at the races, and we are having great fun making our ponyboy suffer. Perhaps we will make it a weekly meeting. After all, Doms Rule...