Mistress Gaia

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Custom request - Enter the scene and take off your dress and wrestle him around including scissor holds. While scissor holding him you make him open his mouth and empty a condom with your lover's cum (e.g. cake icing, whipped cream, yogurt etc.) into his mouth. You put him down on his back on the floor and straddle his face, telling him to smell the aroma from the hot sex you just had with your lover while face sitting him. Next, you lift him up like a baby and walk around with him. You temporarily take off your shoes and command him to worship your stockings clad feet, soles and legs. You briefly sit down and command he insert his cock between your stockings clad arches and begin to "fuck" your "foot pussy". You get up and command he helps you get your shoes back on. You briefly pick him up again to illustrate your superior female amazon power. You finally sit down and position him on your stockings clad thigh (just like in "Tiny Man Club", same position and camera angle, only with your thigh in between his thighs) and command him to jerk off. Shortly after you tell him your lovers cum was infused with liquid castration aid and provided your slave cannot refrain from cumming within the next five minutes he will be castrated...

This news makes him stop jerking. You command he continues as you want him to waste his balls and his final cum load spewing all over your stockings clad thighs and feet (he has to clean up his mess afterwards). When he still refuses, you tell him it doesn't matter, he should begin to feel the partial paralytic effect by now (which means he cannot move his arms nor resist your orders). You take over jerking his cock while rubbing your panties. You suggest you try to synchronize your orgasms (just to tease him, not literally). Finally he cannot refrain from cumming any longer and shoots his final load all over your stockings clad thighs and feet and you command him to clean up every last drop with his mouth and tongue. Afterwards you get up and leave him while laughing and humiliating him with the loss of his balls for your amusement...