Mistress Gaia

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Language: Italian


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This is a double video in the LESBIAN DOMINATION category from our combination library. It has whipping, smoking, and other delights not to be missed... Enjoy! Part One... I have returned from holiday and find my dungeon hasn't been cleaned properly. I left my slave specifi instructions to make sure it was immaculate for my return. So I'm going to punish her severely. I have a dressage whip to hand to give her some incentive. She's going to clean the floor using her tongue on my spit. I also want her to worship my boots, and give them a clean while she's at it. As we begin I give her a good few lashings to get her going. Then it's time for her to lick the floor. I have to continually whip her to get the slut to obey me. It's not long before she submits and begins to worship my boots and get her tongue cleaning the floor. I want to relax, so I get her to kneel benath me while I sit on my throne and take a few calls. Then I'll continue to punish my bitch until the learns what it means to be the slave of Mistress Gaia... Part Two... As I relax on my computer, I order my slave to clean my black leather boots. I warned her to make good use of her tongue, so I want to see them shining. She also has to lick my feet clean. I want to enjoy a relaxing cigarette while I check a few emails. However, she keeps talking. So I' decidet to shut her up by fitting a tight jennings gag in her mouth. It works a treat and all she can do is become my human ashtray. As I smoke, spit and flick my ash into her mouth. My slut is probably wishing she hadn't uttered a word as she chokes on my cigareatte ash. I so like the sound of her gargled attempst to breathe. How fortunate for her I have a full pack of cigarettes to make sure she suffers...