Mistress Gaia

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I have my slave with his hands bound and attached to the suspention cable. I then hoist his arms up so he is dangling, and his body is completely exposed. He can't escape, and It gives me a beautiful 360 degree angle for using my bullwhip on him. He's been such a useless bitch lately, and I'm going to punish him severly. He is going to feel the full weight of my strokes as they bite into his flesh. I begin with some stinging tip strokes to get warmed up.

Then as my slave begins to wriggle and squirm, I let him feel the full weight of my whip as my lashes wrap around his body and he begins to squeal. His pleas for mercy will make no difference, I'm going to give my bitch a lesson he won't forget. I increase the intensity and power, taking great pleasure hearing the cracking sound of my whip as it leaves it's mark on his skin. With every painful lash I continue to make my bitch suffer. It's such a nice feeling as I see the artwork of my designer whipping appear on his back, as he receives the autograph of Mistress Gaia...