Mistress Gaia

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I had my slave in mummification earlier. I needed to check him over, so I moved him to the medical room to give him a examination. While I was preparing, the bitch had the cheek to almost fall asleep. So I'm going to give him something to doze about. We'll soon see if he's ready to stay awake. Or perhaps I can assist him with his afternoon nap. Wearing my tight latex gloves, I quickly cover his mouth. He desperatly struggles and gasps for air, however he's going nowhere as I contunue with his punishment. As I cover his mouth his helpless muffled squeaks become quieter. I continue to mercilessly press down with my latex covered hands, and I can see the fear in his eyes as he begins to panic. The effect completely airtight, as his breathless suffering continues. What a interesting scenario, as my bitch is suddenly wide awake and having difficulty breathing. Of course he's in safe hands...(pun intended) and I'm going to enjoy every minute making him helplessly struggle and suffer for me. As he chokes and gasps for air, I remove my gloves and stuff them deep into his mouth. The gagging effect almost completely soundproof, as my latex gloves fill his mouth. I'm not done with my bitch just yet. As he struggles to breathe, I finish him off with layers of clingfilm tight around his head and face. What a enjoyable sight to see, with those eyes bulging as he desperately tries to breathe. His latex gag is so unforgiving, as he helplessly struggles and suffocates in his airtight clingfilm cocoon. Mffff...