Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You walk in to your room during a family gathering and catch your 18 year old nephew jerking off with a pair of your pantyhose. When he sees you he gets scared but you calm him and tell him it’s okay, that you know how he has a fetish with how obviously he stares at your legs when you wear your tights. You tell him you’ll make a deal, you won’t tell anyone about catching him like this, as long as you get to do some breath play with him. He agrees, already lusting over the idea. You tell him to sit on the bed and you grab a pair of black, floral-patterned, pantyhose from your drawer. You take off the stockings you were already wearing and set them next to him, then You slowly put the pantyhose on that you just grabbed. then you take the pair of dirty pantyhose from his hands and wrap it around his neck while you sit on his lap and lightly choke him with the tights. You wrap your legs around his ribs and bodyscissor him while choking him with the tights. He gets scared at this and begins to panic,so you remind him of the deal and he calms down. But to make sure he can’t get out, you get more tights and tie up his legs and hands, as well as gagging him so he won’t be able to alert the others downstairs. As you do you notice his boner and comment on how he must be enjoying this. Once he’s tied up, you pull out his cock from his pants and you tease him with your pantyhosed feet all over his face while you tease his cock before you crawl up towards his head and turn around, then sink into a reverse scissorhold and squeeze him intensely, giving him a few breaks here and there to try to breathe between squeezes. You comment on how his muffled groans of pain must be lying because his dick seems to be enjoying it, noting that it’s hard as a rock and twitching, practically leaking precum already. You lock your legs together and squeeze hard, holding it for 20 seconds. When you see he’s turned purple from the pressure, you snap his neck with your thighs. He cums all over himself right as you break his neck. Then you sit on his face (reverse facesitting) for a minute to make sure he’s done. You get up after and look at his still form for a few seconds before you slowly wrap your legs around his limp neck, this time in a front scissorhold, then you snap his neck with your thighs again, just to be thorough. As you let go of his head you get off of him and collect yourself before removing the bonds on his hands and feet and taking out the gag. You slowly caress his face and give his dead face a kiss before walking out sexily to rejoin the party as if nothing happened.