Mistress Gaia

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Today, I'm with my very good friend and we have two slaves locked in the cage. With another one already having been let out for good behavour. We decided to reward him with a cuckold session from one of the other slaves. We get another one from the cage and tell him he is going to receive some cuckold training. if he bahaves and does well, he too will be rewarded. We tell him he has to approach the slave that is waiting on the bed and lick his cock and balls. Our bitch shows some reluctance, so we decide to give him incentive by whipping his sorry ass with our canes. It's not too long before our slut is crawling to the other slave to give him his reward. We warn our slut he must do a good job of cuckolding, and continue to whip his ass in the process. When we feel the slave has been suficiently cuckolded, we tell our training slut he too can have a reward. We take our canes and give his ass a good whipping, his pathetic squeals making us laugh while he crawls back to be locked in his cage...