Mistress Gaia

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I'm with masterslave and we are having a relaxing chat about slaves. I have one that's been in a corner of the dungeon all morning, and I decide to bring him to kneel before us while we enjoy a cigarette. I ring my bell, and my slave crawls over to us and takes up his position. I inform him he's going to be used as our ashtray, and he has to remain on his knees until we have no more use for him. As light up and begin to enjoy our cigarettes, my bitch of a slave is a bit figity. So I decide to punish him by making his situation more painful. I get a jar of chikpeas and pour them onto the floor, then tell my slave he has to kneel on the peas. As he kneels on top of them he lets out a squeal, the peas are extremely painful as they are very hard and dig into his knees. Our bitch is warned by master slave, that he will be severly punished if he does not remain upright until we are finished our cigarettes. We continue smoking, and take pleasure watching our slave desperately struggle with his painful suffering from his chickpea torture...